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Instead of us telling you about us, hear it from the people who use our products.

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This is a company I can truly support, and this is my story for all to read. I found this company naturally while shopping. I've been using this brand of soap for about a year and a half now when I had stumbled upon it by chance at my local honey store in Fort Collins (check out Copoco's Honey, they too are an excellent store) I had originally bought the soap because I'm a cook by profession. Im sore all day, covered in the usual food stuffs. It was an excellent choice. It really helps refresh that afterwork pain Fast forward to January of this year I had found out my constant soreness is actually caused by fibromyalgia. I tend to agree pharmaceuticals are appropriate in the right circumstances, however the prescriptions that I was given by my doctors simply would kill me before my 30's (I'm 22 now). I would have been eating painkillers until I threw up blood, and were slowly causing me muscle spasms. Luckily I decided to treat myself in a more natural way. Part of my pain management is a nightly tea made from these guys. A 75mg cbd chamomile that when paired with a mix of various sedative herbs and tinctures have helped me find more restful sleep, and less pain at the end of a work day. Is it a cure for fibromyalgia? No, however it has made a drastic impact in terms of improving my quality of life in finding proper restful sleep, relaxation from stress and overstimulation, and a moment's break from the oppressive nature of my chronic pain ( for those that do not know what fibromyalgia is, it is a physiological disorder that causes the nerves to overstimulate to pain due to poor sleep/stress/ other various reasons. Its not fully understood. however mine feels like I've exercised for 10 hours straight a day and only have that muscle soreness, and a sprinkle of arthritis like symptoms and mental haze) these guys really know how to kick it up a notch with CBD. Its a powerful combo to use the soap and the tea. Fast forward to only yesterday and I had the pleasure of having a wonderful conversation with the owner. As a marijuana enthusiast, whos gone to school for cannabis science, and a cook aspiring to be a cannabis chef. This guy really knows his stuff, and knows how to make a full spectrum product. In the sake of transparency, the owner was curious about my case and how his products helped me. I had agreed to tell my story for the public, I am not being sponsored, I paid for everything I've ever used from them, I have  never physically met anyone from this company as of this review. Simply put I found that it was an opportune way to tell my story about severe chronic pain, to share what I have found helpful, and to support a local business that I can passionately say that this a a good and kind hearted company with their customers/patients in mind, with a dream that I personally resonated with. For anyone with mine or a similar chronic pain I highly recommend the CBD products they have to offer and I wish this crew the best of luck in their endeavors to bringing the limits of what hemp and cannabis can do to greater heights.


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5 months ago

These products are amazing! A friend sent me a selection of lotions, creams and soaps, and I was very impressed with them. Great packaging, great products, great efficacy. Their "Fire N Ice" is fantastic for achy joints. The whole line smells terrific! 5 stars

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